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Let's Succeed Together

We have a process designed specifically to help you (and us) make a decision about working together.

It’s our New Partnership Process. We call it that because we consider our service to be a strategic business partnership.

We’ll walk you throw our process so that you can better evaluate us and other providers that you might be considering.

Here are the highlights of this process:

  • No costs or commitments. We want to know whether or not we can help you before we ask for a dime.
  • You'll receive actionable advice about your online visibility and where to start improving it.
  • Step one is to fill our questionnaire to setup a free 30-minute phone call with us.

How do I know I'm in the right place?

We want to deliver the best possible solutions to our partners. That means focusing on solving complex problems that require our expertise. Our typical partners are:

  • Small businesses or organizations who usually have 10 or more employees.
  • Looking for solutions to reach more people and enhance their customer experience.
  • Have an understanding that websites and digital marketing are tools to help them reach their goals.

The New Partnership Process

Okay, you feel that you are in the right place. Awesome! There are no costs or commitments for this process. We want to know how we can help you before we ask for a dime.

STEP 1: Fill out our questionnaire

Our questionnaire is designed to get some preliminary information about you and your business. It gives us a chance to prepare for the next step, the phone call. With this information, we’ll be ready to listen and give you the best possible estimate for your unique needs. 

STEP 2: Schedule a phone call

A 30-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure that the solution you’re looking for matches our expertise.

If we aren’t the right marketing partner to help you, we will happily point you to the expert that we think will be best for your unique needs.

STEP 3: Get an Estimate

Great! We both decided that we may be a good fit for a partnership. Based on our discussion during the phone call, we’ll provide you with an estimate, a specific price range of your project. All of our pricing is transparent and there are no hidden fees.

If you feel that we’re not a good fit with your business, absolutely no worries! We will not take it personally. In addition to wishing you the best, we will help you find someone who might be a better fit. We won’t ever pressure you to say yes.

STEP 4: Take your time

In order to begin our partnership and get started on your project, you will need to approve the estimate by signing it and making the first payment (Discovery Session).

Payment terms are clearly outlined in our estimates and we will have discussed this during our phone call.

A few quick questions.

Tell us more about your project

Don't like online forms? We get it.

Call or email instead

I signed the estimate, now what?

Purchase a discovery session

Every estimate we provide includes the cost of a discovery session. We will need this time to go over the project in detail and draw up a scope of work. The best part about purchasing the discovery session is that every solution we draw up is yours. Want to take it and shop around? Go right ahead! It won’t hurt our feelings. If you stay with us, we’ll be ready to execute on our plan.

And... Here we go!

The moment you purchase the discovery session, we’ll immediately schedule the meeting with you to kick off the project!

Starting the right way.

We understand that the best projects begin the right way, with comprehensive planning. We never make assumptions about your unique needs.

The discovery session

We will schedule a comprehensive meeting. During this meeting we’ll discuss your project in detail in order for us to outline the project scope.

The Project Scope

We’ll draw up a specific scope for the project. This will allow us to deliver an excellent product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

The Proposal

In order to start work on your project, you will need to approve the proposal by signing it,

The Partnership

The moment we receive the signed proposal and scope of work, we’ll immediately begin work on your project. We will need to bring you on board with our project management process so that we can collaborate on your project. We are all about making our processes painless for you, so we’ll get you all setup up! No worries.